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Contact us by phone or send us an e-mail if you need an interpretation or written translations of materials of all kinds and purposes from or to Japanese. Our experts provide excellent and reliable translations at competitive rates from Japanese to other foreign languages and vice versa. Our agency also offers you the possibility of hiring certified court translators for Japanese language as well as interpreters for tourist tours in Japanese language.
Japanese language does not belong to any group of languages, although many people associate it with Chinese language due to the characteristic script. In practice, Japanese and Chinese have nothing in common. Japanese script consists of 3 sub-scripts, which are combined (often within one word), but each of this sub-scripts has its precisely determined use. Japanese language does not have any cases, gender, number or personal pronouns. Japanese grammar is extremely simple. There are basic elements in a sentence, combined together in a logical manner. Learning written Japanese in Japan starts very early, about the age of 3. Almost a lifetime is required to master it.

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