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We defined our business goals and established the agency Blue Universe on the foundations of knowledge and many years of practical experience in translation industry. From that moment on, we have progressed with confidence towards achieving previously set goals, guided by ambition, continuous improvement and responsibility.
Following our vision and achievements in the field of modern technologies, we offer translation services to and from majority of languages spoken worldwide as well as lesser-known languages.

Blue Universe Agency specializes in translating all kinds of contents for various purposes from and to a large number of world languages. We also translate from one foreign language to another.

Due to our vast experience gained through practical work, each new task represents an inspirational challenge for us. Tradition and expertise on one hand, and new trends and modern tools on the other, are the key to the door of success.

A growing list of satisfied clients, who give their trust to us and request our services over and over again, gives us confidence that we are on the right track.


Chinese proverb

“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world”

Our team of translators/interpreters

Our task is to provide a high-quality, reliable and professional translation as soon as possible, under favorable conditions.

That is why we take so much care when selecting our associates. The selected professional and experienced translators/interpreters, who are members of our team, have mastered languages they translate/interpret to and from. They are specialized in various fields of expertize: law, economy, management, tourism, medicine, pharmacy, as well as natural, technical, social sciences and humanities. They have successfully completed numerous projects, which we take great pride in. They keep up with the time and continuously improve their knowledge and skills. Being aware that our success is a mere reflection of the success and satisfaction of our clients, we implement every project professionally and with great attention to details from start to finish. This is also the only way we do our job.

Enthusiasm, creativity, professionalism, and most of all love for the job that every member of the Blue Universe team does.

Our services

Blue Universe Agency provides a wide variety of translation services:

  • • Written translations of all kinds of contents – general, literary, professional and business
    • o translation of texts from a native language to a foreign language
    • o translation of texts from a foreign language to a native language
    • o translation of text from a foreign language to another foreign language
  • • Oral interpretation
  • • Consecutive interpretations
  • • Simultaneous interpretations

  • • Translation of websites
  • • Certified translations – for all types of legal, personal and business documentation and texts
  • • Licensed tourist guides for a large number of world languages
  • • Proofreading and editing – for all kinds of materials intended for publication, business and official communication
  • • Translation of audio and video materials of all kinds; subtitling and dubbing multimedia content
  • • Prepress editing in a large number of world languages

10 convincing reasons to choose us

Numerous translation agencies and freelance translators are present in our market. It is certainly not easy to choose a reliable translator/interpreter whose knowledge and skills you can have absolute confidence in.

In order to make this choice easier for you, we give you several convincing reasons to choose Blue Universe team:

  1. Several years of experience gained through practical work
  2. A team of carefully selected professional translators/interpreters who work continuously on their professional development
  3. A large number of languages that we translate to and from, popular and lesser-known
  4. FREE-OF-CHARGE proofreading and editing services for all texts translated by our team
  5. High quality standards are an imperative which we do not deviate from
  6. Compliance with agreed deadlines
  7. Emergency services, provided as soon as possible
  8. Translation of materials related to all business activities and intended for different purposes
  9. Competitive conditions and best price/quality ratio
  10. Benefits for long-term cooperation and regular clients

And that is not all.

Contact us by phone or e-mail for more information. We invite you to schedule completely FREE and non-binding consultations. We are at your disposal for all questions and concerns.

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