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Hire our experienced translators for all types of translations from all languages into Portuguese and vice versa, with or without the certification by a court translator. Along with free of charge proofreading and editing, you will obtain high-quality, reliable and professional translations, at competitive prices, while meeting set deadlines.

Portuguese language belongs to the group of Romance languages and it is fourth-ranked language in the world according to the number of speakers. Portuguese, like all Romance languages, originates from vulgar Latin (Latin spoken by common people). Over time it has changed to obtain its recognizable melodiousness, which attracts many people today. It is spoken by about 240 million people, and for 210 million of them, Portuguese is the native language. Portuguese is the official language in Brazil and Portugal as well as in some African countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau. There are two version of this language: a dominant one – Brazilian Portuguese spoken by about 80% of people and Lusitanian Portuguese, which is the official language in Portugal, African countries and East Timor.

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