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Our experienced team of translators and certified court translators is at your disposal for all translations to Slovenian language and vice versa, including translations from other foreign languages to Slovenian and vice versa. Hire us and you will obtain accurate, typo-free and stylistically adapted translations of general and professional texts as well as all types of documentation with and without the certification by a certified court translator in the shortest period of time possible.

Besides the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenian language is spoken by members of the Slovenian minority in Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary. This is a native language for about 1.75 million Slovenians, and about 2.5 million people in total speak this language. Slovenian language has about 46 different dialects. It appeared in the IX century, it is very important as a subject matter of different studies, since its structure is the closest to the old Slavic language.

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