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Our agency is highly specialized in all types of oral and written translations from Serbian to Hebrew and vice versa. We also provide translation services from Hebrew to other foreign languages and vice versa. Many years of experience in translating texts and documents are our warranty that you will obtain grammatically correct texts with accurate spelling, precise and stylistically adapted translations, with or without a court interpreter’s certification. We translate all kinds of general and  professional texts, business and personal documents, as well as other written material, including various literary works.

Nowadays, about 5 million people speak Hebrew, primarily in Israel, in certain parts of Palestine, the USA and many Jewish communities around the world. This “Holy language”, as the original language of the Old Testament, stopped being actively used around 200 AD. For centuries, it was used only for religious purposes, as a school subject, as well as for scientific research, but without any actual use in everyday life. Hebrew experienced renaissance at the beginning of the 20th century, due to efforts of the lexicographer L. B. Jehud and his followers who invested significant efforts into bringing it back to the people whom it belongs to. Finally, in 1921 modern Hebrew became the official language of Israel.

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