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Tourist guide

A tourist guide is usually the first person that tourists come across when they visit a new country and get the first and most important impression of it. Therefore, it is very important for a tourist guide to be professional, experienced, polite and resourceful in every situation. Such licensed tourist guides, who speak various foreign languages, are members of the Blue Universe team

A tourist guide tailored to meet the requirements of the most demanding tourists

According to the definition a tourist guide is a person who provides tourist guiding services according to a predetermined program, pointing out and giving relevant information about the most significant natural, cultural, historical, archaeological and ethnographic sights at certain location.

In practice, things, as usual, seem a bit different. This is a person who has the greatest impact on the impressions tourist have of their journey. This important role that tourist guides have requires reliable and capable individuals, ready to handle all unforeseen situations as soon as possible.

A tourist guide knows and adheres to the preset itineraries. He/she is able to provide guests with information about the greatest discounts, the best food and unforgettable nightlife. In addition to formal education and being well-informed, a good tourist guide has the power to turn dull facts into entertaining and interesting stories that remain remembered and retold.

Therefore, it is very important for a tourist guide to know well and speak fluently the language that a tour is given in.

Blue Universe translation agency provides services of experienced, licensed tourist guides in a variety of foreign languages. You can hire our tourist guides for one-day and several-day tours at all sites in Serbia. We also offer professional translation services for tours given in most of world languages.

We will also provide excellent translation of all kinds of tourist publications for you, at competitive price and within the agreed period of time.

Tourist tours – from an idea to the realization

What are the benefits of hiring our tour guides?

Blue Universe team of tourist guides can help you organize and completely and successfully conduct a tour of any kind in the majority of major and lesser-known world languages.

Our agency provides translation and licensed tourist guide services, as well as:

  • Assistance in organizing tours in the country
  • Organization of meetings, seminars, conferences and exhibitions
  • Visits to specific and lesser-known sites
  • Transfers of tourists and tourist groups from and to the airport
  • Guidance or translation services for one-day and several-day tours
  • City tours and walks
  • Hiking tours

Provision of tourist guide services starts well before the designated guide comes into contact with a tourist group. A good guide does a research, gets ready and carefully plans each individual assignment. Our tour guides are aware that they are often the ambassadors of their own country. That is why we adhere to high standards when it comes to our tourist guides, who are above all:

  • Professional and approach each task with great seriousness
  • Enthusiastic and cordial
  • Confident and determined
  • Creative and eloquent
  • Respect the preset itinerary and schedule
  • Flexible
  • Fluent in several foreign languages.

Professionalism and affordable prices

Research shows that tourists are more satisfied and get a much better and more meaningful tour if they have a guide speaking in their native language. Blue Universe offers experienced, professional and, above all, charismatic tourist guides and interpreters for major and minor world languages, at affordable prices.

Call us or send us an e-mail, and we promise you that each visitor will have nothing by a smile, inspiration and unforgettable memories.

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