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Certified translations

Certified court translator

Our agency can provide you excellent written translations for all types of legal, personal and business documentation, texts and documents which need to be certified by court translators. Certified translation is mainly required because such an obligation is specified by certain state institutions and certain foreign bodies.

Furthermore, certified translations are often necessary for the purpose of applying for certain jobs with foreign employers, both in the country or abroad. Certification by a court translator in certain situations is also required for translations of scientific and technical texts and other professional documents such as certificates of conformity for products and materials.

Contact us and hire a certified court translator

Our team consists of experienced certified court translators for all major world languages who will provide you with authentic, high-quality translations of your documentation within the predetermined period of time. Many years of experience, specific knowledge and high qualifications guarantee the quality of our services. Contact us immediately and hire our certified court translators to meet your requirements.

To obtain certified translations you need to provide us with an original or certified copy of the relevant documents or other texts and we will translate and certify them as soon as possible in accordance with the prescribed legal procedure and at the most favourable conditions.

Certified court translator’s services and their importance

Certified court translators are authorized by the competent state authority, to be specific, the Ministry of Justice, to provide translation and related services. Each certified court translator holds a stamp with his/her name that confirms that the translated text is true to the original. Thus, the stamp of a certified court translator constitutes a legal confirmation of the authenticity of the translated text, and its significance is particularly evident in case of a dispute before the competent domestic national or foreign authorities and institutions when it is necessary to prove one’s own right or status.

Certified court translators are translators with a vast professional knowledge and experience in translating a wide variety of texts and genres. They need to be familiar with broad, specific and narrowly specialized terminology in many areas. Hence, only a person who fully understands the specific language he/she translates/interprets from, including its specific characteristics and broader professional terminology, can be a court translator.

Documents which require certification by a court translator

Documents which need to be translated and certification by a certified court translator are mainly documents issued by domestic and foreign government authorities. These include translations and certifications of personal and legal documents, as well as important business documents that prove a right, state or facts.

Legal documents which require translation and certification by a court translator are most often the following:

  • Declaration and power of attorney,
  • Certificate of citizenship and residence,
  • Certificate of good conduct,
  • Birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate,
  • Certificates of marital status,
  • ID card, passport and driver’s license,
  • Lawsuit, minutes and decisions,
  • Excerpts and decisions of the Business Registers Agency,
  • Auditor’s and financial reports,
  • Certificates and international permits,
  • Contracts,
  • Tender documentation.

Personal documents which require translation and certification by a court translator are most often the following:

  • Certificate of graduation,
  • Academic transcripts,
  • Certificate of completion and diploma,
  • Curriculum Vitae,
  • Bank account statements,
  • Health certificates,
  • Technical instructions.

In addition to all above mentioned, certification by a court translator is often required for translations of various scientific, technical and research papers, patents and other professional literature.

Contact us and you will be provided with high-quality translations by our best certified court translators. We are at your disposal for all additional information.

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