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Translations in service of graphic design

We offer you high-quality, authentic translations of all types of advertising materials. Brochures, catalogs, leaflets, publications … we can make them convey the message in all languages of the world. Do not miss the opportunity to present yourself and your products to the world in the best possible manner.

NOur experienced translators pay attention to every step so that the translations are not only linguistically precise but visually appealing and adjusted to the original format as well. This involves different text adjustments, correction and use of special characters, as well as adjusting the length of the text.

Present yourself to the world both verbally and visually

Marketing is a must in the modern world. This is a great truth well understood by all those who have joined a race with market competition. Marketing tools are numerous and some of the most common are advertising brochures, catalogues, pamphlets, leaflets. Unlike before, when promotional material was mostly distributed on the domestic market, nowadays the situation is completely different.

Thanks to the Internet globalization, your products and services can be available worldwide. Therefore, in addition to good advertising materials, you need an excellent translation thereof. Furthermore, we should not forget the fact that our market attracts a growing number of foreign clients. The number of foreigners residing in our country, either for the purpose of pleasure or business, is increasing every year. Therefore, take this opportunity to present your products and services in the best manner with good graphic design and excellent accompanying text, i.e. translation.

Our agency can provide you translation of all types of advertising materials in accordance with requirements of graphic design, document formatting and prepress editing.

What are the most important aspects of translating advertising materials?

When it comes to translating promotional material, several basic principles need to be observed in order to optimize differences between the original and target language and reduce them to a unique concept in both languages.

In practice, this means that the number of characters, i.e. letters, spaces and punctuation marks must be the same or at least approximate in both languages. For example, after translating a text from Serbian to English, the English version of the text has more characters. And this is quite all right. However, when it comes to graphic design, these discrepancies must be avoided at all costs. 

Therefore, the translation of the text must be in service of graphic design, since any deviation impairs the design concept. Sometimes just one word can cause a problem. This is particularly obvious when bilingual advertising material is being created. More or less text in one of the languages, either original or target, can appear not only unappealing, but also unprofessional. In this case, the designer will probably return such material for reediting since it does not fit into the design.

Therefore, it is best to leave your advertising material in the hands of experienced translators who know exactly what the designer requires from them and how to adapt the text in accordance with the requirements of the graphic form. Contact us and get excellent translations of your marketing presentations.

Translations of brochures, catalogues, pamphlets, publications, leaflets


Brochures, catalogues, pamphlets, publications, leaflets…. actually represent advertising material that differs only in terms of dimensions, number of pages, number of images and quantity of text they contain.

Brochures, catalogues, pamphlets and publications represent larger formats which are defined as paperback books whose number of pages varies from 5 to 50. Leaflets are essentially promotional advertisements. They can be of different sizes and printed on a single sheet of paper as one-sided, two-sided or three-sided material.

In order to provide an authentic translation of your advertising material in accordance with graphic design requirements, you need to deliver relevant text personally, in electronic form or via a courier service. If you need an urgent translation, please emphasize this upon inquiry and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Contact us to discuss all details. We are at your disposal for any additional questions, information, clarifications and advice.

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