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Oral interpretations


Our agency offers the possibility of hiring professional and experienced interpreters for all kinds of oral interpretations, i.e. oral interpretation from our language to any foreign language and vice versa. Oral interpretations are interpretations performed live by an appointed interpreter. Such interpretations are divided into two groups: consecutive and simultaneous interpretations.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpretations – live interpreting/b>

Consecutive or successive interpreting represents a form of oral interpretations with a pause, whereas simultaneous interpretations are performed without a pause. The pause represents the alternation between the speaker and interpreter. Namely, after a few sentences, the speaker makes a break and allows the interpreter to interpret the given speech in a clear, brief and precise manner. A pause is usually made after a meaningful unit. Such unit is usually brief and allows the interpreter to present his/her skills in the best possible manner. In this case, the interpreter’s main task is to convey thoughts and ideas, i.e. the essence of the speaker’s presentation.

You need a top-notch interpreter?


It is very important to hire a verified and experienced interpreter to provide interpreting services. Otherwise, you risk a failure of the entire event that the interpreter is hired for. This especially applies to consecutive interpreting. Being a good consecutive interpreter is a skill that takes years to acquire. It is a skill that requires both knowledge and talent. And our interpreters are just like that.

Therefore, call us and schedule a meeting with our expert team. We will find a solution that best suits your needs.

Skills of a good interpreter


A good consecutive interpreter must possess a specific skill set and knowledge to convey the speaker’s message in a credible and impressive manner. A good interpreter must have the following skills:


  • Flexibility 99% 99% 99%
  • Adaptability 99% 99%
  • Creativity 99% 99%
  • Speed 99% 99%
  • Precision 99% 99%

Since this is live interpreting, a good interpreter must know how to manage in every situation, to express his creativity when and where required and to react promptly and precisely in certain situations

Furthermore, it is important to convey not only the essence of the speaker’s message, but also his emotions. This is why good consecutive interpreters are indispensable for a good presentation.

Our team is composed of experienced interpreters with vast experience and knowledge. Thanks to their skills, the interpretation of a speaker’s presentation will be true to the original speech, thus making the entire presentation successful.

Call us and make an appointment for preliminary preparation, i.e. for presenting the subject matter of the presentation to an interpreter. You will most certainly obtain a top-notch consecutive interpretation under the most favorable conditions.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpretations into practice

Consecutive interpreters are most often hired for small-scale gatherings such as business negotiations, various presentations, exhibitions, corporate events, etc.

Simultaneous interpreters work in a team and take turns to perform simultaneous interpreting after a time interval. They are usually hired for larger gatherings and events: symposiums, conferences, seminars.

The quality of an interpreter, both consecutive and simultaneous, depends on good preparation. Preliminary preparation allows the interpreter to become familiar with the topic of the relevant presentation, its course and agenda. In addition, when it comes to consecutive interpreting, previous preparation involves planning, arranging and harmonization between the speakers and interpreter on the matter of breaks or the course of presentation and other important technical elements.


Contact us and hire high-quality interpreters

Oral interpreting is a serious and responsible job. The success of negotiations and various business arrangements often depends on its quality. Therefore, we suggest that you make an appointment for free-of-charge consultations with our expert team. We will thoroughly review all segments of your presentation and provide the best possible, tailor-made solution.

We are at your disposal for any additional questions and information.

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