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Translation of audio and video material

Among myriad multimedia contents that we are surrounded by, let’s make your content stand out and be a synonym of quality. Our experienced translators of all kinds of audio and video materials guarantee the quality, accuracy and reliability of their translations. We follow world-recognized standards and trends in this area and we offer you translations of audio and video contents to major and lesser-known languages, all in a professional manner and at reasonable prices.

Accuracy, quality and reliability – because we know that you deserve the best


High-quality and accurate translation of audio and video material is the key to its further use and success. Blue Universe team of professional translators of audio and video materials has many years of experience in provision of this kind of translation services. We provide translations of multimedia material to a large number of world languages as well as from one foreign language to another.

Compared to translating ordinary texts, translating materials in audio and video format is quite specific. In addition to excellent knowledge of language standards, it requires extensive general knowledge and certain professional and personal skills – precision, resourcefulness and a knack for detail. In order to get a well-translated audio and video recording, the entire mosaic should be perfectly fitted. Therefore, we bring rich knowledge gained through practical work and a great deal of creativity into the process of translating each audio and video content.

Besides translating video and audio material, translation agency Blue Universe also provides video material dubbing and subtitling services.

And finally, we all work in agreement with you. We find the best way to customize materials according to the target market and specific requirements, with your consent and after obtaining relevant feedback.

Translation of audio and video materials of all kinds

We offer excellent translation services at reasonable prices for the following materials:

  • Audio and video learning materials
  • Translations in the field of e-marketing (advertisements, statements, websites …)
  • Video games
  • Subtitling and dubbing cartoons
  • Subtitling and dubbing movies
  • Lessons and video materials for staff trainings
  • Promotional and educational video materials, Power Point presentations
  • Telephone conversations,
  • Technical audio content, including engineering, medicine and pharmacy
  • Audio tours for museums and travel agencies
  • Slides and other materials for presentations
  • Video recordings and narrations
  • Transcription and translation of audio recordings – audio tapes, microcassettes, videos and multimedia programs in all languages

Subtitling and dubbing – to be understood by the entire world

The most affordable and the cheapest way to reach the audience in other languages, is subtitling. Subtitles are widely used by many world-class TV programs, as well as companies which create training instructions and other online video contents. Dubbing is a technically demanding process of voice rerecording in a target language. In this case a simple translation of the text will not suffice. Attention must be paid to the specific character of the target language. In some cases it is necessary to know different dialects, jargons or slang of a given language.

What are the benefits of leaving your audio and video materials in our hands?

Our team is composed of highly qualified and experienced translators who translate video and audio materials from and to less popular world languages.

We have technical capacities to meet all specific requirements of our clients. If you need a translation urgently, please specify that upon inquiry and you will have it as soon as possible, however not at the expense of quality.

All you have to do is send us your audio and video material in electronic form. You will soon receive a precise assessment and instructions for continuing cooperation. We guarantee the best price/quality ratio in our market.

Of course, you can always schedule and completely free consultations that do not oblige you to cooperate with us.

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