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Written translations

A written translation is a translation of a text from a native language to a foreign language upon a request of a client. Our agency provides written translations to most of world languages. Contact us and get high-quality translations within the specified period of time and at the best price, regardless of whether the required translation is general, literary, professional, judicial or business.

We provide translation which is true to the meaning of the original text

How important is a good translation?

Our team consists of professional translators with many years of experience specialized in providing all kinds of translations in both directions. This includes the following:

  • written translation of a text from a native language to a foreign language
  • written translation of a text from a foreign language to a native language
  • written translation of a text from a foreign language to another foreign language


General translations

General translations imply written translations of various texts of general nature, such as journalistic and marketing texts, magazine and newspaper articles, columns, web pages, e-books, graduation and seminar papers in the field of social sciences, etc.


Literary translations

Literary translations focus on providing a meaningful translation along with keeping the form of the original literary art piece. It is important to convey the original idea and message of the author in order to stimulate the same emotions as if the text was read in the original language. When it comes to literary translations, being familiar with the culture and the characteristics of the original language is crucial. Such translations include translations of classical and modern literary genres such as novels, drama, poetry, scripts, screenplays and other forms of artistic expression.

Professional translations

If you need a high-quality translation of narrowly specialized and scientific texts, you are in the right place! We translate texts referring to all fields of expertise including technical, mechanical, civil engineering, information, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, economic texts and other professional literature. When it comes to professional translations, the use of precise technical terms, constants and definitions is of crucial importance. However, such they have to be used in a manner which makes the text easy to read and ensures full understanding thereof..


Business translations

Business translations include translations of business documents such as business letters, offers, biographies and other business correspondence. Business translations have become very popular and sought after due to the globalization of the Internet market, as it allows for the establishment of business contacts and relations around the world, and this opportunity should not be missed.

The destiny of the world depends not only on diplomacy, but also on translators – Mark Twain


Clients who need some kind of translation are most concerned about the quality of the translation, i.e. whether such translation will be true to the original text. This concern is quite justified since a poor, unprofessional or rough translation can inflict irrecoverable damage to the client. Therefore, a good translation implies not only grammatical accuracy, but also precision in terms of language and style.

Furthermore, a good translation must be in accordance with the specific nature of the subject matter and terminology used in a particular area. Our translators have mastered all types of translations, and their work is additionally controlled by our professional proofreaders who check the grammatical and spelling accuracy, the idiomatic nature of the translation, i.e. the stylistic and linguistic impeccability of the translated text.

Contact us because we offer the best price/quality ratio for all types of written translations: general, literary, professional and business translations.

The best translation at the most favourable price

Written translation services are charged per page, which includes about 1800 characters, i.e. letters, including punctuation marks and word spacing. Finished translation can be a bit longer or shorter than the original text, depending on the font used and text formatting.

Before starting the translation of your text, we will determine the total number of characters in it and specify the exact price as well as the period of time required for its completion. In case of urgent translations or court certificated translations, we will do our best to comply with your request within the shortest period of time possible.

Call us and make sure that we provide high-quality translations, in a short period of time and at affordable prices. We also offer special discounts and benefits for long-term cooperation.

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