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Experienced professional translators, members of the Blue Universe team, translate materials of all kinds and purposes from any language into Greek and vice versa. Along with reliable translations, we also provide services of certified court translators and services of licensed tourist guides in
Greek language. If you need a translation from any language to Greek or vice versa, you can obtain it quickly, under favourable terms, with guaranteed quality of service.
There are various reasons for learning a language, but when it comes to Greek, one thing is certain – Greek language is learned for iz love of history, culture, Greek seas, islands, beaches, food, music … Modern Greek language is one of the richest modern languages with the vocabulary of more than 600,000 words . There are two theories on the origin of Greek language. According to one theory, Greek language resulted from the migration of the Proto-Greek population to the territory of modern Greece, and, according to the other, Greek language evolved from the early Indo-European language. It is one of the so-called language isolates, which means that there is no language similar to Greek. It is characterized by exceptional melodiousness, which makes it easy to remember.

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