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You need a professional, high-quality and reliable translation from English or to English?
Contact us and get a translation of any text and other content from English into any other language and vice versa – in a quick and professional manner at competent prices. Our team consists of translators working hand in hand with certified court translators. With each translation provided by our agency, you have free of charge proofreading and editing services. In addition to written translations, we also provide interpreting services, translation of audio and video materials and licensed tourist guides to give tours in English.

English is the third most widespread native language in the world. This is the language of science, information technologies, diplomacy and tourism. A half of all business contracts are concluded in English and two thirds of scientific documents are written in this language. English is the official language in 45 countries, but it is also spoken in many other countries. It is estimated that it currently has 1.5 billion speakers worldwide. Above all it is the only official sky language –
all pilots on international flights communicate in English. Each year, English vocabulary becomes richer for about 4,000 new data. Research shows that an educated native speaker of English knows about 20,000 words. Victor Hugo actively used 38,000 words, and William Shakespeare 24,000.

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